Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day #31 Leila & Kylie

Late Monday evening Leon & Barbara Yoder and their two daughters arrived in Sarasota to stay for the winter. At least that is what their plans are. Barbara is my niece, which makes Leila & Kylie my great-nieces, and I don't know what that makes Leon. But anyway he is a part of the Troyer Clan. when Leon & Barbara stopped in today they had only Kylie with them as Leila was in school at Palm Grove. Leon took the picture of Kylie and I. Then after a while he picked up Leila at the school and brought her over to Great Aunt Katie's place. So I got the picture with Leila and her back-pack. Leila is in kindergarten and today she made a picture of herself with her Daddy. Her original plans were to give the picture to her Daddy, but she ended up giving it to me because she wanted to give me her best.

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