Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day # 52 - The Glory of the Lord

And the Glory of The Lord shone round about her, while this dark lady went fishing for her fishing pole. They went fishing about all day in the Philippi Creek down at the park. Tonight when I biked there two of the ladies were fishing for a floating brand new fishing pole. They have about two or three fishlines for each person fishing. You know bait them all and lay them on the banks until one pole gets a bait or whatever. Well, tonight it went a bit different. A big Ole Sheephead took a nibble and got caught on the hook, so he took off with the fishing pole and swam toward the opposite bank, well out of the reach of the people. But two of the women cast their fishlines again and again out and over the fishing pole that was following the big Ole Sheephead either upstream or down stream, whichever way the fish decided to swim. But finally they managed to get that fishing pole realed in close to the dock and caught the pole and the fish. The one lady got the Sheephead as her reward  and the owner of the new pole took it and resumed her fishing. And the Glory of the Lord shone down upon them.

There was much more going on at the park then meets the eye. It was one of those times when half a dozen or more vehicles were parked in the parking lot but nobody was around, that was until they came out of the woods. And a woman or lady broke up with her boyfriend, at least long enough for her to walk out of the park and he followed her.

And a slow steady stream of Winter Birds are making their way back down ready for aother winter or else preparing their houses and coming back later to stay.   

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