Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day # 53 - Eva Slabaugh

Years ago Eva and I were good friends. We had much in common, both worked at Pathway Publishers up in Aylmer Ontario. On our days off we went to many an outing, like just the two of camping out in the woods on a Friday night and then spend the next forenoon bird watching and taking walks and then hitched their old horse into the buggy, loaded up our camping gear and headed back to civilation. But after 8-10 years of Canadian life we parted. Eva and her parents moved out of Canada and with time down to Pinecraft. About five years later I moved out of Canada to Cookeville Tennesee and with time moved to a few more places, but also ended up in Pinecraft. In the meantime here in Pinecraft we had some interaction, but tonight it was again like old times. At 4:30 this afternoon we headed out to Quick Point Nature Preserve and did some trail walking. I didn't actually walk but took my motor scooter and we did some sight seeing. We ate our picnic lunch and wanted to watch the sun set. But tonight there was no sunset. It was still pleasant and relaxing sitting out by the water in a place that had nobody else around, just the two of us. We are both looking forward to more such times. 

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