Monday, March 5, 2012

Day # 183 - Cousin Mose and Jacob Yoder

This is not the most amazing picture but it means the world to me because of the question he asked me. But before he asked me the question, we had to get to know who we are, because that is what you do in Pinecraft. I told him I am Pete Mose's Pete's Katie and my Dad was born in Charm Ohio. If I have him correctly he is Jacob Yoder and his sons work at Keim Lumber and they have access to my Facebook. So Jacob knew I was taking pictures through his sons who work at Keim Lumber who get on my Facebook. Even if Jacob looked into my Facebook he didn't know who I am until today. After knowing who I am, her asked if I know anything about Pete Mose's Eli's Mose? He used to be in IW service with Mose, but since has totally lost all track of him. So down over the years he kept asking around wanting to know what became of him. A number of his IW buddies have already passed into eternity and this Jacob according to his wife has suffered from a stroke or two. I told Jacob that Mose is my first cousin and he was found dead in his apartment in Flint Michigan only about a month ago. Mose died of natural causes although his body wasn't found for days. Anyway Jacob finally concluded he can now quit asking whereabouts of Mose who was a room-mate of his during IW service. This conversation deeply affects me tonight, of relationships in the past, of life and death... Quite a number of Jacob's IW buddies have already passed away, although these men would be in their mid-60's.

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