Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day # 184 - Spring Cleaning

 Candy from her "Candy Mommy".

Today Sister Clara which is also Kylie's Grandma helped spring clean my house. Since my house is so tiny that the two of us can't even work in the same room I chose not to let Kylie into my house. It would have been chaos with three year old fingers sticking into everything. So each time she came knocking I would tell her that this is my house and I am the boss and she can't come inside, but she may sit on the porch. 

Her other grandmother is called "Candy Mommy", so she came over with candy from her Candy Mommy and opened it on my porch. Later in the day she came with a piece of pizza. She doesn't look overly happy but not every day is a happy day, especially if she knows her Grandma is in my house and she can't be with her.

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