Friday, April 13, 2012

Day # 222 - Wilma Mast Raber

Back in the early 1970's I was Wilma Mast's first grade teacher. She was the cutest, tiniest, skinniest little girl back then. This is her 40 years later with her husband and son. I don't know how many other children they have. Apparently time waits for no one. We grow up. We change. We move on into the next generation. Such is life and has been for thousands' of years.

When I first saw her in the crowd a few weeks ago I knew I know her but it took me a short while to figure out who she is by name. I thought she is Mary Ellen her older sister, but I was wrong. The two do look alike. By the way she is the daughter of Aden & Lizzie Mast in the Orrville/Apple Creek Ohio area.

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