Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day # 228 - True Brotherhood

These men don't know my side of the story about them putting a deadbolt lock on my door. Almost two weeks ago there was an attempt break-in in this neighborhood early one morning. I was then asked by concerned friends if I have a deadlock on my door?  I didn't have such a lock but I knew I needed one. As I started wondering who to ask to put one in for me, I realized that there is almost nobody in this neighborhood to ask that does those fix-it jobs. Mark did but he left for the north. A few years ago I would have asked Richard but he passed away a year ago. Sam is no longer able to do such work. I don't remember praying about it but I pondered the options I have but then let the subject slide out of my mind, that is until yesterday when Dave mentioned about coming over today to put a deadbolt lock on my door. And so this afternoon these two men, Levi and Dave came and later Floyd dropped in. I found out in the course of conversation that God had laid on the heart of one man to buy the lock and the other two to install it. They don't expect any returns from me for it was just something they felt lead to do. This is true brotherhood. I marvel at the ways of God.


  1. I've paged back through many of your older posts. They touch the Heart the way The Spirit does. Truly great work, ma'am! Simple, beautiful and joyful.

  2. You have some really great friends! I enjoy your photos and commentary and look forward to each post. Thanks for all you do!