Friday, April 20, 2012

Day # 229 - My House

Today I am posting a picture of my house. It was one of those picture less days. There was nothing going on anywhere worth taking a picture because there was almost nobody and nothing around.

This little house on wheels was made for me ten years ago. The first two years I was at Miller's Trailer Court but then I decided to rent from a land owner on a dead-end street where I have more privacy. Even so I had so many callers by strangers that just wanted to "see" the inside of my little house that I put up a sign "Please Respect my Privacy". That basically put an end of the on/in-lookers. 

This past winter the window frames were replaced and now the house needs a couple coats of paint, which my landlord wants to do when he returns to Pinecraft. It is a tiny house but it takes care of my needs and it is at the right location in the right village within the right city.


  1. What a lovely home, Katie! Thank you for sharing with us....

  2. HI Sweet Katie..I remember the year it was built. I was so happy for you.. Everything just the right size for you..You are such a blessing to others and then God blessed you..Love you ..Ruthie R