Friday, May 11, 2012

Day # 250 - Siblings

These siblings live with their Daddy. I am sure they have a story to tell, for all of us have our own stories of our childhood, of our growing up years, of our young adulthood and the years go rolling on. We also have our old age stories if we can remember what they were or are. Such is life. I love to observe these children at play. The street is their playground as long as they are within their Daddy's vision. He doesn't have a voice except to scream and holler. But he desperately needs his wife and these children need their mother...


  1. very expressive; thanks, Katie! I love how you don't always show faces. Pics are more pure that way!

  2. Thank you Debby, Maybe I am still too Amish but that is not my reason. Everybody has the right to a certain amount of privacy.