Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day # 251 - Flowering Hedgerow

I barely took any pictures today. First of all I wasn't outside until six tonight, which almost never happens. But today I purposed the first thing I will do is do my weekly cleaning, which I average every two-three weeks. This morning I would have loved going over on the other section of Schrock Street to Sherry Gore's place and pick up the promised Cd's of  "Amish: Out of Order" to watch tonight. But I knew I would never finish my cleaning if I did that first thing this morning. In fact I wouldn't even start my cleaning and so I waited until I had everything done I want to do today. Anyway on the way home I took notice of this beautiful row of blooming flowers of various shades of red/pink/orange.

I shall now watch the first episode and go to bed whenever.


  1. what is "amish: out of order"?

  2. Amish: Out of Order is on TV every Tuesday from 10-11 PM from National Geographic channel. It is about the Amish who left the Amish, plus more things about joining Amish. Check it out on their website.