Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day # 270 - Lost Coin

About a month ago or so I saw this nickel on the cement. Today I biked to it again wanting to see if someone picked it up, knowing everybody from that home has gone up north for the summer. The nickel was at the very same spot where I had first seen it. It is not my nickel on my property so I leave it there.


  1. As a child, I once wrapped in tissue and tied with colorful ribbon, a nickel to give my grandma for her birthday. She thanked me generously, and placed it carefully in her purse, saying she'd carry it with her always and then would never be broke. When she died at age 86, my aunt found the nickle still in her purse. She offered it back to me, but I said since she had carried it so long, it should stay with her forever. I placed it in her coffin.

    1. This is beautiful, placing it in her coffin.

  2. in Grand Haven (West Coast of Michigan, about 30 min away) some joker glued a penny on two sidewalks. One penny is missing...