Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day # 290, 291, 292

Day # 290- Wednesday, waiting for the bus to load and take off for Ohio and Indiana.

Day # 291 - Family waiting for me in Berlin Ohio after a 23 hour ride from Sarasota on Thursday. Three of these are my sisters; Betty from Arthur IL, Clara local and Edna on the far right. The two younger ladies are Hana a nephew's wife and Diane a niece.

Day # 292 - Friday evening we had a sibling reunion at my youngest sister's place. This is her grand daughter Abigail Miller who is totally excited when her cousin Diana drove in the lane with her parents. I love her expression.


  1. Oh, so good to see your family! I hope you have a wonderful visit up there! :)

  2. Great expression on Abigail! Never was a little girl more excited.

  3. That expression is GREAT!! I love that they all met you there and are so happy to see you - that warms my heart.