Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Days # 293, 294, 295, 296 in Ohio

 Day # 293-Saturday: I was at the booksigning in German Village of Ira Wagler and Marlene Miller. Ira's book is "Growing Up Amish" and Marlene's book is "Grace Leads Me Home." I only went to meet the authors as I got a signed book from each a year ago, when I happened to be in Ohio at their booksignings. It was good to meet both authors again.

 Day # 294-Sunday: I never cease to marvel how God puts the desire for Motherhood in most little girls' hearts. I never had much of a desire to play with dolls, but then I never became a mother. God knows what He is doing in giving each person their gift. Grace is my great-niece from Arthur IL.

 Day # 295-Monday: The Tea Party with great-nieces & nephews. (and their mothers) This is Sister Edna, the instigator of the Tea Party.

Day # 296-Tuesday: The Flexing of Muscles. I watched her place a sandal from each foot onto the edge of Grandma's counter top. Of course she had to do it again so I can get the pictures.


  1. HA!! You never disappoint with the pics. Sounds like the trip is going well - so glad to hear (and see) it. Ahh, to have Juanita's flexibility... I think it's funny that you, Ira, and Marlene were all in Ohio at the same time again - how fun! Now I need to go try and put my shoes on the kitchen counter without using my hands (but there won't be pictures). ;)