Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day # 338 - Martha Leaves

Times change. People come and people go. This is the on-going thing in Pinecraft/Sarasota. This area probably has the largest population of old people with Amish/Mennonite roots. This also means it has a high rate of illness that comes with old age. Anyway this morning my neighbor Martha Hostetler left Pinecraft to live in Missouri where three of their children are. Sam, her husband is already there. The family was hoping and planning to bring Sam back down whenever Martha is well again after a valve replacement. But instead has more complications and it is best for her to be closer to more family members and so she needed to move where more of their children are.
 I wanted to get a picture of her leaving but instead I only got Delbert watching his Mother leave, watching the backside of the vehicle going down the street.

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