Monday, August 6, 2012

Day # 337 - A Homeless Man's Story

Yesterday while sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting on my flight, a lady and her husband came and sat next to me. We made conversation and found out we are all from Sarasota. I said, "I am from Pinecraft". He is a Bontrager and was from Pinecraft. His grandparents used to live on Good Street. Of course we had quite a few things in common. She helps out at Salvation Army, which involves the homeless. I was involved with a few of them too. Then she asked me if I like to read and recommended the book written on this slip of paper. It is the story of a homeless man. It is his story when he was homeless and not a story someone else wrote by just observing the homeless. This is the kind of stories I want to read, coming from their own heart. I went online this morning and ordered a used one from Barnes & Nobles for less than a dollar. I think the postage is $3.99. This is much cheaper than an ebook. I greatly look forward to reading his story.  


  1. Katie, I also read this book when we started to serve the homeless in Lancaster. It is an awesome book. You will love it.

  2. I love good books and always watch out for good book recommendations. I immediately went on Amazon and ordered a copy.