Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day # 345 - Cleaning Caskets

 Tonight while out biking Ed Detweiler stopped me and said, "I know where you ought to be." Then he went on to say there is a coffin on the outside of a garage pass the Amish Church, turn right and you will see it. I didn't waste any time in heading the opposite direction. 

 Sure enough Ed was right. This is sort of a different kind of hearse. But I guess it will do if you are not in the casket.

 John Troyer and Mose Yoder carefully pick it up and carry it into the garage. 

Either you laugh or cry. It all depends on the circumstances.

A group of half a dozen were cleaning and retouching the damaged caskets and so it was a social gathering. They let me takes some pictures and I happily biked off.


  1. whos cell phones???

    1. Everybody living down here year round, regardless of who they are. And nobody is breaking the rules either.