Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day # 346 - A Change of Flavor

I am on the other side of the coin for the coin flipped. I don't know on which side of the coin I am except it is the opposite side. I now know how a neighborhood feels when a people group from another culture move in and make themselves at home.

A move like this always changes a neighborhood. It gives it another flavor, good and bad. Some of Ishmael's descendants are moving into the above apartments. Some of the former Snow Bird renters have been notified that they can no longer stay here. They have to look for another place to rent if they want to return to Pinecraft for the winter season.

The landowners want this change, they embrace it and encourage it. Word spreads to the new renters' kin and more move it. It is no different than when the Amish or Mennonites move into a new area. Such a move is always met by a mixture of feelings of emotions by the local people. Those that want it are usually the people that see the advantage of such a movement. Those that embrace it sell their land, or rent it out, for it increases their business, their cash flow. All of this is good in its' own way. But it is also not a good thing because it changes the flavor of the community. For the community of Pinecraft it is less Plain People and more Middle East and it will change this neighborhood. 

I confess I struggled with this, even though I couldn't understand at first why am I struggling? I am not making money off them or loosing money. So why the struggle? I finally came to the conclusion that I don't want to see and feel Pinecraft change. I want it to continue the way it was. But that is beyond control, at least beyond my control. Such movements have been an on-going thing from the time of Abraham and it will continue whether I like it or not. So I tell myself to quiet down.


  1. what is happening in Pinecraft??? I remember when there were only dirt streets and Bahia Vista was only 2 lanes. We also had a restaurant along Bahia Vista called The Eatin Haus. How things change. Love all your notes about Pinecraft. Keep up the Good Work Katie.

  2. Katie, I see a wide-open mission field in your backyard. Is this any different than your work with the homeless at the park? I think your work there started by building relationships and you've got a wonderful ability for that. We just listened to some speakers (that have been living in the middle east for a number of years) at our church conference. They all say that bringing these people into the kingdom starts by building relationships with them. I'm hoping that the people of Pinecraft will exude the love of Jesus to these people.
    Carol Troyer

    1. Carol, You are right. Maybe that is why God is bringing them in here. By appearance there is a variation among them in their believe system.