Monday, August 20, 2012

Day # 351 - Marbles

Some people are off their marbles or have lost them. Even so they can be beautiful. Today I was shooting marble pictures for a friend. Tonight I delivered the last of the pictures and since I was close to the park I decided to see what is going on. Earlier I saw one of my musician friends turn into the park before I dropped off the photos. So I biked into the park because the pavilion was lid up and a few cars were parked there. Imagine my surprise when I saw the cars belong to the police and they were busy giving orders to about four people. I politely acknowledged them and biked past the pavilion into the parking lot. By the time I turned around and went back out again both police cars had left. Two of the men in the pavilion left the park on foot, leaving only one woman sitting at a picnic table. Her man is the guy that always plays a few songs for me. He was not around. I had no clue where he was but thought of three options... 
He was locked in the bathroom, 
or stayed in his vehicle, 
or was taken by the police. 
I didn't ask the woman because she had always literally turned her back on me whenever her man played a song for me. 

Life in Pinecraft is never dull, not even in the dead of summer.

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  1. No, it sure sounds like it's never dull. She turns her back on you?? What, were you winking at her husband or something? ha ha She sounds jealous. Probably best to keep on moving. That picture is great, almost like a pencil sketch. Have a great day ~