Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day # 352 - Isaac

 Tonight on the news,
 I heard Isaac is on the loose. 
And to be alert until next Tuesday. I should have stayed at home behind closed doors, but instead I decided to go find him or at least see if he is near by. And sure enough he came in from the northwest taking his time because there was still a wind keeping him at bay from the south. Maybe I should have gone home but I didn't for I learned from Dad to love storms, especially summer thunder storms. If Dad was at home we as a family would all sit out on the porch with a roof over our heads for protection and watched the storm come and go. We children were scared of the thunder and lightening and yet at the same time we loved it. There was just something wild about such storms.

 So instead of going home I biked up to the corner of Kaufman/Bahia Vista and hung around there under the roof until the rains came. After a while I decided it is time to go home. I was good and wet by the time I came home, but I loved it. It was refreshing and it cooled down. Tomorrow the high is to be 88 degree instead of 91.


  1. Katie, I can so relate to your love of storms!! I enjoy them as well. We rarely get thunder and lightning here, but when we do, it is so cool to go out on the front porch and watch.....I love the smell of fresh rain!!!! Stay safe!

  2. I love storms also. We rarely get them also. When we do the kids and I get so excited!