Friday, August 31, 2012

Day # 362 - Once in a Blue Moon #2

 Once in a Blue Moon...

I see a ladder hitching a ride on the back of a bike.


  1. I've never ever taken a good shot of the moon. They just never turn out. In yours, you can even see the clouds so plainly around it - I need a better camera. On the other hand, it was nice of the bike to give the ladder a ride - they must be good friends. :)

    1. Just minutes after I had taken these shots of the moon, the clouds swallowed up the moon for a period of time.

  2. Katie, we should all have known if there was to be a spectacular shot of the Blue Moon, you'd be the one to find it. I'm seeing there are only 3 days left of the 365 day post. Please tell us you won't quit posting. Your photos make my days and inspire me beyond words.