Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day # 363 - The Mist in the Garden of Eden

...a mist went up from the earth which watered the entire surface of the ground. Genesis 2:6 (CJB) Here is the evidence of the above Scripture in the Garden of Eden this morning. 
Tomorrow I am planning to post pictures of my morning on the Pinecraft-Sarasota blog. Tonight I am too weary and for once I plan to go to bed early, long before midnight. The reason is, last evening I was told of a place in Pinecraft where a cactus is in bloom. Well, it bloomed yesterday morning. So last night I found the place and it looked like there will be more flowers in bloom this morning. I wanted to photograph those flowers in the best of light, and so I set my alarm and was out the door just at sunrise this morning. 

I had hay-day in shooting cactus and other blooming flowers this. I want to post those on my other blog, but what I want to say tonight is, I never knew there is such beauty in the early morning. I never looked at my mornings as being beautiful. All my years I dreaded mornings because it mend only one thing - get up and go to work ,and my work was always inside. So I never enjoyed mornings, that is until this morning. Tonight I am dead tired and will be in bed soon, planning to get a good night's sleep and go for another bike ride early tomorrow morning.

I took this shot of the Garden of Eden and was reminded of the above Scripture. 

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