Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day # 364 - Sunday Night Street Meetings

I love these kind of street meetings. I get out on the bike or scooter and just go until someone comes from the opposite direction, and both stop to visit. Tonight was such a night, first it was Peggy and I. Then Esther Burkholder biked up and it was the three of us. A short time later Bill Detweiler came along and then Esther left for home. So the three of us had our street meeting until Nancy Ebersole Good and her husband joined us. So for a while there were five of us. Then about dark we all parted. Even so later I met up with Nancy & her husband again and also Elizabeth High who was out walking her dog Patsy. Plus my neighbors Frank and Donna who just came home from somewhere, where ever they were. It was a good evening.

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