Monday, September 3, 2012

Day # 365 - What is Letterboxing?

 Tonight I met Enos at the park. He was on his way out while I was on my way in. Anyways he told me how he took a walk in the woods and came across this black plastic box. Instead of opening the box where he found it, he carried it out and opened it at a picnic table. Here is the contents of the box. I have never seen anything of this sort, but I found it very interesting.

After I downloaded these pictures I went online at the above link and send her a note telling where the box is. 

Anyway, have any of you had experience in Letterboxing? 

I have now reached Day # 365, so for the time being I am going to quit posting on this blog. When I find anything of interest I will post it on my Pinecraft-Sarasota Blog. Project 365 has sharpened my eyes to always be on the lookout for the smallest details of any given subject that is worth photographing. I enjoyed and it was fun, but for now it is time to lay this project aside as there are other projects on the horizon and there is going to be a busy winter ahead.


  1. How interesting, this letterboxing. I've never heard of it.

    Congratulations on reaching day #365. :) See ya around the Pinecraft-Sarasota blog.

  2. I've seen letter boxing as "geocaching" or something like that. Congrats on 365!

  3. I was going to say what Patty said, I've heard of geocaching and this sounds like the same thing. I think it sounds GREAT. I've never been on a treasure hunt that wasn't fun. Thanks for sharing all 365 - that's a big project and now it's accomplished. Great job ~

  4. Thanks so much for saving the box and contacting me, each "letterbox" contains a stamp carved by hand that finders use to stamp an image into their logbook of finds. They also stamp their "signature" stamp in the log within the box to show they were there and to leave messages. It is a treasure hunt, but one that anyone can participate in and the real reward is journey. For more info, you can go to the atlasquest website (shown in the picture above).
    Oh and congrats on 365--now that IS a journey!

  5. Katie, it's been a pleasure visiting your 365 project. I've learned from it, and will be seeing you at Pinecraft Sarasota. I know you'll have an interesting and successful fall.

    1. Purplegranny, had we met before?

      Jenn, I would love to meet you in Pinecraft sometime.

  6. Letterboxing is not the same thing as Geocaching, but close. Letterboxing was invented about 150 years ago, Geocaching was invented in 2001. Letterboxing involves folk art in the form of hand-carved rubber stamps. Each letterbox must contain a stamp. Geocaching may involve trading trinkets, but often there is nothing but a log and pen inside the cache. Letterboxers use "clues" to find letterboxes. The clues can be easy directions, evil puzzles, or anything between. Geocaches must be found using a gps receiver - it's a game centered around an electronic device. Letterboxing is very quiet and secretive. Avid letterboxers often do not want the hobby publicized. Geocaching is a commercial game that is highly promoted. Both are trail games involving hidden tupperware, however.