Thursday, March 21, 2013

Year 2, Day # 188 - Ike's Bike

This is the former owner of Ike's Bike Shop in  Nappanee Indiana. Lena Schlabach asked him questions while I listened and took a few photos. Ike's real name is Ivan Burkholder/Borkholder, whichever is the right spelling for him. He got his name Ike when he attended school during the time Dwight D Eisenhower was running for president. He had pinned an Ike button on his shirt, letting the world know who he wants for president. After a time he just automatically was going by the name Ike and he is Ike to this day. 

He wisely doesn't have a spiffy bike because this one is less likely to get stolen. He has a Big Olaf ice cream contained in his bike basket, where he keeps a paring knife and denture cleaner, plus other things too. He explained the reason for the paring knife is to slice up apples, because he wears dentures. And that is also the reason for the denture cleaner is to clean his false teeth. Everything he does makes sense. I think he is a wise man.

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