Friday, September 6, 2013

Year 2, Day # 358 - Sunshine and Rain

 This morning at the Pinecraft Park. Anymore I have smartened up and take a bike ride while the sun shines. If I remember correctly last evening it rained and yet it didn't rain, so I mostly stayed close to home. Then this morning I was ready to get out, so I biked to the park and stayed around for a while watching the work done on the Phillippi Creek for the sake of being out and about.
Late afternoon I heard it thunder once or twice and so I took a look at how the sky looks. The rain clouds were coming from the east, going north of Bahia Vista and the wind was blowing from the west. So I knew regardless of how the sky looks not anything is going to happen soon. I got on my bike and went to the park again. The Hispanics were arriving  with intentions to practice their dancing. But instead of edging closer to the dancing I decided to get as much biking in as I can. So I kept one eye on the clouds and the other one on the trees to see which way the wind is coming. When the wind shifted and came from the north, I high tailed home and beat the rains, and some thunder and lightening.

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