Thursday, March 27, 2014

Year 3, Day # 195 - Hans & Paula

Hans and Paula from Holland. Both were born in Holland. Hans lived in the US for 15 plus years. They met in Harvard. They got married. Paula did not want to live in the US, so they moved to Holland. After they retired Hans thought they will now live in the US. Paula said, "Not so". So now they spend 5 months each year in the USA. Each spring for about two weeks or so they rent on Estrada Street. Both are happy. They claim they don't have an accent but their speech betrays them. 

I did not want to go out tonight, for it was cold and cloudy and dreary. But I had to look for a photo shot for today, so I bundled up and made myself go outside. I am glad I did for I wouldn't have met up with this couple.

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