Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Year 3, Day # 236 - Tarpon Springs Florida

Today Kendra Cross and I went to check out Tarpon Springs. Kendra is a Tour Guide in connection with the CrossRoads bus from Indiana. When the CrossRoads bus makes trips to Pinecraft, they arrive here on a Tuesday and leaves on Thursday. This gives them each Wednesday to sit around or do something else. They decided to take advantage of that Wednesday and plan a one-day trip to a place of interest within a couple of hour's drive from Sarasota. 

Today was the third trip I took with Kendra to check out places of interest. I never realized how much homework a tour guide has to do before they venture out on a trip. But today we took a tour, we ate Greek food, we walked the village streets and went browsing in their little shops. And sampled more food. And stopped and chatted with people. It was a day well spent and this coming season it will very likely be a one-day trip out of Pinecraft, well worth our time. 

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