Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Year 3, Day # 258 - David & Martha

David & Martha Weaver could not return to their northern home this past Spring due to health reasons. David was fighting infection in his knee socket since November 2013 and so has been under doctor's care. They have plans to leave next week. Because they stayed I learned to know them and greatly appreciate both of them. Martha is a jewel and David has a dry sense of humor. The thing I love about summer in Pinecraft when life, is slow and quiet is getting to know people in a deeper way.


  1. I enjoy this picture very much! I hear Davy talk on the "conference line' and knew he has health issues. Also, I knew they were down there. I've never seen his wife so was glad for the opportunity, plus this was the best picture of Davy that I've seen. You've taken pics before with him in them, but this is the best. :-)