Sunday, June 1, 2014

Year 3, Day # 262 - Grandmother's Birthday Book

This is a page from my Grandmother's Birthday Book.
 Mary Ann J Troyer 1943 is my grandparent's first grandchild, born to Joni and Verna Miller Troyer. Sharing the same birth date are three of Mom's Honsamony cousins, 
Honsamony Abe's Mattie, 
Honsamony John's Mary Ann who went by the name of Maud, 
and Simon Hershberger's Barb. 
 I don't know who Mrs Mose Raber Maryann was but the last section is my Grandmother Mrs Jacob E Miller, born in 1901 and a set of twins named Sharon & Karen who were born on the same day Grandma was.  

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