Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#188 Classmates

You never know who you will meet up with in Pinecraft, Wayne Schlabach and his wife. Wayne and I were classmates for three years at Pleasant Hill School, back in the late 1960's. Back then he was a young lad, now he is the split image of how I remember his Grandpa John Schlabach. 

For five years we rented from John Schlabach. John always carried candy or Bubble Gum in his pockets when ever he came on the farm to brush hog or feed their turkeys or check up on things. It didn't matter what we were doing but when we saw him coming we dropped everything and rushed to meet him. Then we would follow him around the farm, visit with him and ask questions, that is until he reached into his pocket and gave each of us a treat. After we had our treats most of us children would run back into the house, until the next time... 

Meeting up with Wayne today brings back pleasant memories. Thank you for stopping in and thanks Paul & Linda for bringing them.

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